Gull Lake advice for this weekend

  • bigcrappie
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    Hanging out at Maddens this weekend with the family, bringing my boat. Any reports or advice on walleye?

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
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    This link with a rundown of Gull walleye fishing should be at least a little helpful. I’ve always been told to fish the areas of structure where the wind has been blowing in to.

    Northland Tackle Gull Lake Walleye

    Nisswa, MN
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    Don’t follow me and you’ll be better off jester I’m running the north end of the lake and am finding it quite challenging.

    Weeds are tall enough now that trolling cranks has proved pretty frustrating. Last friday buddy and I hit it hard for 6 hours with zero walleyes. Post cold front, little breeze, and perfect blue bird sky. Did see a huge eelpout swimming in 4 fow, was pretty cool.

    Monday night went out and picked up a couple in only an hour. Cloudy and no wind. Again late Wednesday afternoon for two hours and skunked. Mostly sunny.

    I have to think others are doing better than I am and that I’m getting an angler inferiority complex. For me unless there is big wind or heavy clouds I should probably switch to bass. I’m blaming it on the extreme water clarity but who knows.

    Got leeches a week ago to run spinners in 9-12 fow. Going out tomorrow and will be moving deeper on the weeds to see if that helps. Should be a very nice people weekend.

    Anyone got better advice?

    Matt Moen
    South Minneapolis
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    Jason Mitchell had an episode on trolling at night on the sand at Gull….you might want to find that episode and give it a try. I have to believe the bite is only early or late.

    Craig Sery
    Bloomington, MN
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    I always had luck with jigging raps on deep weedlines 25-30’

    Plymouth, MN
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    The water in Gull is quite clear. Daytime bite is tough when the sun is out. Matt’s on to something fishing at night time.

    Central Mn.
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    Use the sunny daytime hours to look at girls.
    Use the nightime hours for fishing & dreaming. grin

    With the 4th coming i’m thinking Gull will be insane for the next 10 or so days.

    St Paul
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    Good numbers and average size after dark up on those shallow sand flats on the north end. Long lining F11 original floaters have been the ticket for me. I’ve had my days in bright sun out there, but nothing remotely consistent. When we were successful during the day it was always shallower weeds, not deep breaks/rock/etc like one might first think.

    Northfield MN
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    Jason Mitchell had an episode on trolling at night on the sand at Gull….you might want to find that episode and give it a try. I have to believe the bite is only early or late.

    That was going to be my suggestion

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
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    This was good info. About to put 3 30”ers in the boat today.

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    Good luck. Been kind of a weird bite this year so far

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
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    Nothing on sand. Everything is on weeds. No 30s yet.

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    Good luck! I spent a fair bit of time out there over the winter to only ice a few nice eaters. Was out there right away opening morning a few weeks ago to find no other boats and no fish in the boat. The clear water and fishing pressure has sure made that lake a lot more difficult than it use to be. You could troll the shallows after dark and catch all the fish you wanted years ago.

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