Grindstone, Round, Lac Courte Oreilles?

  • G_Smitty
    New Richmond, WI
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    Am planning a week trip up in the Hayward area sometime this summer, probably mid-August. Want to target some walleye… Which lake to focus on and any recommendations for a resort or rental cabins?

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    My uncle had a place on Couderay. Fished it a lot. Never had much luck on walleye in the daytime because it’s so deep and clear. Did ok at night though.. The good news is there are giant crappies and smallies in there. Always fun. And you’ll probably see a giant muskie swim by a check you out too.

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    Grindstone and round are clear too. All 3 have good fish. Pick whichever one you like better on a lakemap got structure and have at it.

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
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    Be prepared as those lakes get very busy during the day with recreational boaters, plan on fishing at night for Walleyes.

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