Recent Smallie report?

  • dank
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    I have off next tuesday and am planning on heading out fishing for some smallies. My thoughts are between Mille Lacs and Green and am wondering:

    has anyone been out lately and if so did you have any luck?

    are the fish relating more to the deep rocks are they still accessible in the shallows?

    i would also prefer exact GPS spots , just kidding.



    Minneapolis, MN
    Posts: 1123

    Got out there yesterdGot out on green yesterday from 9-130. We ended up getting about 20 smallies and a handful of largies. the biggest fish was about 19″. We must have seens another dozen or so smallies following our baits. The depths we got the fish was between 14-8 feet. The fish where around rocks and sporatic weed growth.

    We have success in the morning on topwater, mid-morning small cranks and finished the day getting the fish on tubes.

    It was a great day out there and we are glad we got off when we did. The weather was getting EXTREMLY HOT and with the severve weather the area got it seems like we got off at the right time.

    I am excited to get out here again, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Its a great fishery.

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