2nd Hand Green Lake (Spicer) Report

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    My Dad and brother were on Green over the weekend and did very well. Saturday they kept 3 limits for 4 guys and today had a 27 and 28″+ along with a few “keepers”. It sounds like they bounced around a lot but almost all the fish were caught in 30+ feet of water (one fish was caught in 51′ while rigging).

    I had to scrape the mold off the post button for this forum….Green is my true “home” waters”, a decent size lake with a massive amount of structure. Green is also nearly a world class smallmouth fishery. Dad and brother reported “multiple” 20″+ bronze backs boated while fishing for white tips. Give the lake a try if you’re looking for a place to go in West Central MN.


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    PM sent.

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    Thanks for the report. It sounds like the lake is in great shape. My parents have a cabin there, but I’ve only been out there a handfull of times the past few years. I haven’t fished it very hard lately, but we can usually go out and catch a half dozen right around sunset.

    For anyone interested, there is a walleye tournament there on June 6th. My brother and Uncle will be fishing it. I fished it in years past and had a great time, but now the MTT usually has a tournament the same weekend.

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