Grayling fishing

  • crawdaddy
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    Hey, my buddy is going to Alaska grayling fishing, and he asked me for lure recommendations. I have no idea. He’ll be drift fishing a VERY remote river. Thanks for any advice.

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    Small Mepps type spinners or spoons. Or fly fish for them.

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    #16 Pheasant Tail or #18 Copper John (red)

    Steve Root
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    If he’s fly fishing, don’t forget the dry flies. Unlike Trout, Grayling often prefer to hit dries.

    A favorite memory of my Alaskan adventure, we found some Grayling rising up under some Willows that were hanging out over the river. Tough to get a cast up under that cover but I managed to catch a couple. Grayling are pretty exotic stuff for a Minnesota kid.


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    Small white tube jigs. Grayling are considered the sunfish of Alaska. If he’s fishing waters that grayling are in, he should have no problems catching them.

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