Good price on hub shelter

  • mojo
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    These may not be the latest and greatest hub shelters, but Reed’s has the Eskimo Quickfish 3i on sale for $219.99 with free shipping (and no tax if shipped outside MN). That is less than most used hub shelters, and this one is insulated and can hold 3 people (but fishes 2 people comfortably). It has 80 inch interior height, two doors, comes with ice anchors and a carry bag, and weighs only 34 lbs.

    Anybody need a great condition 2i? I am going to upsize.

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    Was not planning on buying anything more related to ice fishing, but this is definitely tempting after a pole on my old otter broke last week. Thanks for posting.

    Ryan Schwartz
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    I got the non-insulated version and it’s a good hub. Maybe my only gripe is I wish the bag was a little bigger for packing up at the end of the day.

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    I had a Quick Fish 3i for a couple seasons. Nice shack and I never had any issues with it waytogo

    Like all hub shacks, if you’re moving during the day, skip putting it in the bag. Just bunch it up and burn to the next spot.

    I’ve been contemplating on getting a 2 or 2i to fish solo and strap on the snowmobile in situations where I don’t want to drag a flip over (bad slush etc). Lemme know what you’re looking to get out of it, might be interested.

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    Sorry B-man, my Bro-in-law jumped on it for $100 already. I think they are a great shack for exactly what you mentioned.
    I wouldn’t have gone to the 3i if I hadn’t seen that deal, there are several used 3i hubs on Marketplace asking more than the price for a new one at Reed’s.
    When fishing in a shack with two people in chairs, a Buddy heater, two Vexilars, and sometimes a camera, the extra room of the 3i is a necessity. The extra door makes it so much easier for getting in/out of a filled up shack too.

    South Metro
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    I agree – have the 3I
    Perfect for two of us adults and all our crap.
    3 people is tight but they are nice shelters, easy up, easy down. not that heavy.

    Mike Gioia
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    A couple weeks ago, Amazon had the 3i on sale for $222. If you applied for a Amazon card which I don’t plan on using they gave you a $150 gift card. I bought an Eskimo 3i for a total of 87 bucks. Not sure if that price is still available

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