Getting sketchy out there

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    Today on West Rush, in a smaller bay. I Stepped on a unseen drain hole or enlarged old fishing hole today. 1 leg went all the way thru. Luckily other leg and i stayed on top. I was traveling where I knew it was only 4-5 feet deep. All ice I drilled was 13-16 inches but soft. Hot shower and clean undies never felt so good. lol.  Be safe everyone!

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    I will not be venturing out on the ice any more this season. It just isn’t worth the risk for me. I got the boat out and did some minor repairs to it. Also brought it in and had the cover repaired/modified to fit over the trolling motor. Next step is a good wash and wipe down, followed by a carpet cleaning, and then time to get it all loaded up with gear again, and hopefully be able to use it sooner than later. Oh, and I also installed new trolling motor batteries, upgraded to group 31s, so i’m excited to see how those perform.

    Yep, ice season is officially done for this guy. I think I only even made it out 5 or 6 times. Gonna have to do better than that next season.

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    Here in Central Minnesota I had thought we had at least this weekend and probably next weekend. After a few outing this week including yesterday I’m not so sure about next weekend. Thursday I saw a guy fall through on a lake near Annandale – he was near some bulrushes but so were many others. Yesterday neR Osakis I saw a 4 wheeler go thru. Thankfully it was while approaching shore and in shallow water. With some rains and the temps next week, I’m not sure it will hold up till next weekend. Be safe out there everyone.

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