Garage door insulation

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    I didn’t want to hijack the garage heater thread.

    I recently moved into a house with a heated shop in the basement with a garage door leading to the backyard. Without the heater on, it’s much colder than I anticipated for being built into the hill. I expected heat loss through the garage door, but not this much.

    Anyway, looking for recommendations on the garage door insulation options. I see either the white foam panels or the pink batt insulation. I would think the pink batting would keep it warmer. Any suggestions and tips for insulation?

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    4×8 sheets of 2.5 inch insulation sheets. Cut and put in to door to fit.

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    4×8 sheets of 2.5 inch insulation sheets. Cut and put in to door to fit.

    I did this in my old shop. Figure out the size needed to tuck into the return flange on the door panel and then cut the insulation in half vertically so you can tuck it all the way in to the panels and tape the seam in the center.

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    I believe I bought the panels I used for my garage doors at Menards. They were precut and fit the garage panels very good and tight. But mine have an exterior that is more like aluminum foil. They made a big improvement on keeping the garage warmer in the winter. Keeps the beer from freezing most of the winter accept during long cold stretches.

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    Is the garage door insulated? If not I would replace the door with a door rated at R19. If it is insulated then I would install Styrofoam sheets over the whole door area. Use at least 2 inch pink 4×8 sheets. Cover past the door frame. JMO

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    Foam worked for me for about 10 years. I could only go 1” thick though in order for it to fit under the brackets. It worked good but looked like hell but I didn’t care.

    Last year I got a new insulated garage door installed and I could tell right away it’s insulted way better than the foam board was

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