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Fireline or PP

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    I haven’t hit the streams in a few years but,am going to get back to them this season.I mostly cast Raps and my goal is bigger fish.I used to use 2-10 Fireline Crystal in white and never had issues with it being seen but,I’m not usually fishing gin clear water either.Is PP a better option than Fireline and is there a color option more suited? Never used a leader in the past but,it has been suggested to me to tie a 8# floro leader to the end of the 2-10.Having experienced pretty decent luck in the past with out a leader,I’m a bit hesitant to bother but,would appreciate input.Thanks

    Allan Davis
    Carlton, MN
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    For trout I like maxima ultra green. It is one of the most invisible lines in our minnesota waters. 6lbs will be perfect. One other thing that is a huge benefit is that it has a lot of stretch and how that benefits you is that it cushins the handshakes a lot better resulting in more land fish and less lost fish. Being from the Duluth area we get up the shore to chase steelhead and maxima ultra green is the number one line in 6lbs. Hope this helps.

    Gregg Pfeifer
    Fort Atkinson, WI
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    I used to be a Fireline user but it seemed to deteriorate too fast. Then I tried Power Pro but it wasn’t smooth. I’m now using Seaguar Smackdown and so far I’ve found it easy casting, durable and thin. 15# test has the diameter of 4 lb mono. I’ve never used leader material in the past but do now, mostly for the stretch as a shock absorber using a surgeon’s knot to add about a 6-8′ leader with 8# fluoro. Since I use a fluorocarbon leader line color doesn’t matter, the line comes in green and hi-vis yellow. The green is the most popular and easy to find most places. I ordered mine on Amazon, however, if you can find it, I’d opt for a line you can see and buy the yellow if you can find it. If you don’t want to mess with a leader I’d use a more forgiving rod like a medium action instead of a fast action. I’ve always felt if there’s no stretch in the line I need a rod with more whip to it. The other problem with straight braid is you can’t see weak or nicked line and will only find out your line has a weak spot when a fish breaks it off. With a leader you can see or feel a bad spot and retie as needed.

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