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What a day!

  • Backtroller
    North Dakota
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    I finally made it to Waubay fro the first time and what a trip! I started at a local bait shop on the NW corner of Hwy 12 and 25 in Webster. ( I cant remember the name) Charlie at the countergave me great advice including what to use and where to go. I followed his advice and fouond myself sitting over 22 feet of water on 3 feet of softening ice. I drilled two holes, dropped my Lowrance and saw a large school of fish. Within 20 minutes I was OVER my limit. Now, I tell you, I read that dang regs book over a couple times and did not realize that I was in the NE Mgt area. Well thankfully, I met a crew from Nebraska that was not having as much luck and was able to give them my overage so that we were all happy! So, Im on the ice and pulling up these rediculous 1.5 poud perch one after another and up walks this guy who is just stunned. His crew is not having much luck at all so he starts askinng questions. Well, what the heck I thought, so I suggested that he go get his auger a drill a few holes bby me and see what happens. He looked stunnedd because, as I have read on this site as well as others, most guys are really big A-Holes about this kind of thing. Well, he drills a few holes, drops a line an, wallah! Fish after fish start coming out of the hole! The drilling DID NOT affect the fish or spook them in any way. This set up the good charma for the afternoon as it was his crew that took my overage and were just as happy as could be! I will tell you those Perch were TASTY! I cant wait to get back down there and get into a few more fish!

    Good fishing is a gift that should be shared!


    Cottage Grove, Minn
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    Is that a gun butt I see in your picture? Those fish must really be nasty. My folks fished there a quite a bit and have had great luck also, but they dispatched them through normal means. lol. Glad you had fun.

    North Dakota
    Posts: 48

    No doubt they were tough fish! As I sit tonight awaiting the open water season, it seems a lifetime since that day on Waubay!

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