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South Dakota Here I COME!!!!

  • Steven Krapfl
    Springville, Iowa
    Posts: 1123

    Hey, heading to Waubay Lake tomorrow and will be out there for the weekend. Any good news? I hope the wind doesn’t blow me back to Iowa! If you guys up there got anything, any advice would be great. Good luck and tight lines

    cassville ,wis
    Posts: 3053

    Have a good trip Steve and good luck

    NE IA
    Posts: 804

    Good luck Steve, I look forward to your report. I need to get back out that way soon!

    Posts: 366

    Steve, I talked with a couple of buddies that were there last weekend and they said the walley fishing was a little slow until about 8 pm and then it was lights out. They had no problem getting their limit. They did say that their wrist hurt from catching white bass every cast. Good luck out there.

    NE SD
    Posts: 1

    fishing has been great all spring so far but i haven’t been out since last tuesday. it has been really windy and cold up here. last tuesday we caught them in 12-14 feet using floating jig heads on the south end.

    Central Minnesota
    Posts: 473

    I hope you have better luck then us. We were there on the 23rd and 24th of April and the wind blew so hard we couldn’t even get the boat in the water on Friday, all the landings on the West side are not protected and the waves were crashing over the docks and about 4′ rollers. We fished the rain and wind on Saturday and boated no fish. I guess what they say about the wind from the east? You couldn’t get out of the 25-30mph wind and sideways rain to save your life. We heard a few good reports of fish caught but we didn’t find them. I hope you have good luck. Have fun!

    Steven Krapfl
    Springville, Iowa
    Posts: 1123

    hey guys. Last night our buddy in Brookings said that the weather wasn’t condusive for fishing, and we decided that if we are going to spend a weekend up there, we’ll do it when the weather is a shade better and we don’t have to worry about our boat going under like the Edmond Fitzgerald. So, the trip is no postponed until Memorial Day, unfortunately. Better safe than sorry.

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