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Trip to Waubay

  • obd66
    Posts: 3

    I’m considering a trip to Waubay in middle october.
    Could anyone give me some tips on reasonable lodging,
    and how is the fishing usually that time of year.

    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 4125

    Charlie’s in Lake City has affordable, clean & warm cabins. No frills but you have the benefit of a good restaurant (Sat. prime rib)on the property. It’s a little ways(30-45 minutes) from Waubay but that would be my other recommendation. There are literally tens of lakes out there better than Waubay and Charlie’s can help you find them. Phone is 605/448-2226.

    NE IA
    Posts: 804

    I stayed at Lakeside Lodge in the town of Waubay. It was pretty good, cheap, but not much to eat. It’s about 15 minutes to waubay from there.
    Good Luck

    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    We stay at the Bunkhouse in Webster. On site restaurant and a couple others in town, plus a Subway and Pizza Hut. You are about 10 minutes from at least 8 lakes that are great fisheries. We were just up there in August, so if you need any more info just PM.

    Posts: 6

    My favorite place is Pickerel Lake Lodge. A little pricey but nice and a good Restuarant on site.

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