Road Trip to Alaska

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    So a buddy and i are seriously considering taking a road trip to Alaska for the 3ish weeks in August. Have any of you guys done this before?? If so any specific spots we should make sure to see/lakes to fish etc. The intended goal is to make it to Alaska but this is also a fishing expedition that might just mean we get to Sask, and go from there. Planning on camping as much as possible, also thought of bringing a canoe or little boat, mainly something to just throw ontop of the vehicle, but at the same time it might just be easier to fish a bunch from shore, and then maybe rent a boat for the day at various lakes we might stop at…..Gas is gonna be killer but im selling my truck and probably will have to cut down on some of the fishing this summer, but i think this would be a camping trip of a lifetime….


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    Prince Albert Sask,Cowen lake and the stretch of river behind the airport.
    Have yourselves a great adventure.

    Ralph Wiggum
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    Sounds like a fun trip. I’d love to do that sometime!

    Are you a Johnnie? Class of ’03 here

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    Are you driving to Alaska or fying and renting a vehicle?

    How long does it take to drive to Alaska?

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    end of July first part of Aug will be better
    we did Alaska end of Aug first part of sept.
    we were a little late for salmon hardly any still running
    when we go back it will be the last two weeks of July
    CRAZY fishing at that time and still warm to camp

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    We did the trip in about 55 hours drive time from the cities but that was in the 70’s and the alcan was all gravel yet.

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    Are you a Johnnie? Class of ’03 here

    I knew there was a reason I never returned after my freshman year.

    Ralph Wiggum
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    Pug, you would have been a few years before my time, right?

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