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    Allright guys ive got a little favor to ask you. My best friend and i are Juniors in college and were thinking about working up in Alaska at a lodge of some sort. We both are avid outdoorsmen and worked up on the Canadian border last summer, (only missed eight days of fishing since i got out of school to when i went back in). Anyways i was wondering if you guys know any reputable lodges up there, having traveled, vacationed, or know someone up in that country. I have been in contact with a couple different lodges but it always pays to keep the options open. Thanks a ton for any info.

    Brian Hoffies
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    Contact Alaska tourism or you could goggle Alaska fishing lodges. Perhaps contact Cabela’s to see who they use to book their trips through?

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    Spent some time in Seward, AK this past summer. Not sure of any specific lodges, but all around it was a nice town(for Alaska) and had quite a few fishing outfits. During the early summer I think they went after Black and Ling Cod, then into Halibut and then the Salmon run. I went up to do some Silver Salmon fishing and it was a blast. Good luck to you….you’ll have a great time. Wish I would’ve taken a summer in college to do that.

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    I would work in Homer! Lots of charters, and the Salty Dawg is right there too! It is a quick hop to Seldovia, Kodiak and the other islands where there are a lot of lodges.

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