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    Doing a little bit of research guys. My best friend and I just got jobs at Crane Lake Houseboats for the summer. Not going to lie I am extremely excited for school to get over with. Needless to say just wondering if anybody has done much fishing up there. Im a mille lacs guru, and don’t get north by the border often. Just wondering how the fishng is on Sandpoint, Namakin, Crane, Kabetogama etc. has been. Also other than Vermillion, does anybody know of lakes that hold muskies up there. Not looking for any hotspots, and i understand if someone has one and doesn’t want to post. All the more power to you.

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    Welcome to the site

    You’re headed to some beautiful country up there!! Never fished the area, but I’ve had numerous snowmobile trips out of that resort. Hopefully you’ll have some reports to share with us!!!

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    I have been to Voyagaire Houseboats many times. Depending on the time of year any one of the lakes you mentioned could be giving up some nice fish. Bring cranks, spoons, spinners, etc. it all works up there. Look to get into some really nice smallmouth action along with the walleyes.

    It is absolutely amazing how scenic it is and the people there are a bunch of the nicest folks you will find around.

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    Not to mention some Frisbee sized crappies on Kabby!
    Sandpoint has some nice coves as does Namakan. Those coves provide some fun Pike action in the Spring and Fall. Many very large! Never got into any musky up there, but I think Rainy Lake has them.

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    Congrats on landing a job in, what I beleive, is one of the nicest areas in our state and probably the entire upper midwest.

    I worked up here in 1980 with the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps). The fishing up here can be pretty good especially in some of the lakes that cannot be accessed by road. If you get a chance try to fish a lake called Mukooda (I don’t think that’s spelled right). The Smallmouth fishing was nothing short of amazing, crappies were 2lbs ish and I was told that there, at that time, was a state record walleye in there.

    As far as Muskie, there is one lake in the penninsula (that area between, Rainy, Namakan and Kabatogama) that is stocked with Muskies.

    Good Luck and enjoy.

    Ps. – By the way, bring lots of bug repellant.

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