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Hard to find auto parts

  • charlie_heiman
    Randolph, MN
    Posts: 244

    LOL, I can never find those tire beads or blinker fluid at carquest! But we have plenty of those lefthanded metric screwdrivers

    Dodgeville, WI
    Posts: 73

    Funny thing about the 710 cap, I sell autoparts for a Ford dealer and we did have a lady call up looking for the 710 (oil) cap one time and she was serious. It took me the longest time to figure out what she was looking for.

    New Brighton, MN
    Posts: 1107

    I’m going to work some overtime and buy this: ($175,000)


    The famed and fabled Flux Capacitor! Many flux capacitor designs have come and gone in the marketplace. Most have only been compatible with certain low production paintless cars. But now, KaleCoAuto has brought to you a modern Flux Capacitor fully compatible with any present day vehicle! This item may be expensive, but can you place a price on time travel? NOTE: Special return policy: If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return this product for a full refund, in no LESS than 30 days before you purchase it!

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