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Another bib question

  • yahbuddy
    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 170

    It’s time to replace the carharts for something more icefishing friendly. I have been looking at the Guide Gear ice bibs. They seem to be good bids for the money, the other high end bibs are not in the cards right now . They have a polyurethane coating to make them waterproof. Is this polyurethane coating the same coating as some of the cheaper rain coats ? What are everybody’s thoughts and opinions.

    eldora, iowa
    Posts: 382
    I bought the natural gear snow bibs last Feb, $100 on sale for bibs and parka. They are warm.I can sit in the snow with them and not get wet. The polyester is a soft brushed pile material. Maybe go on sale for Black Friday?
    My friend has the guide wear and complains about being cold unless he wears layers under it.

    Southern WI
    Posts: 1056

    I have the blue Ice Armor bibs, they are worth every penny.

    Posts: 15

    if ur just wanting bibs strike master sells some dec ones for cheap otherwise i just got the new frabill ice suit and it feels tough and is gonna be nice n warm but the suit was 349 at gander mountain

    Tim J
    Duluth, MN
    Posts: 539

    ice armor black bibs are nice too. Had a pair of the non-insulated ones two seasons ago. Just put a pair of sweats on underneath. Got them for around $100, maybe less.

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