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mid west river levels…..

  • drew-evans
    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    i know its been talked about, how low the rivers are or how there is no water in some streams. but i was not prepared to see a local stream completely dry, there wasnt even water in the low spots or bends. i have seen chubs in this crick before and has always had alot of water in it. how low are our rivers going to get with next to no rain in the future forecast??? kinda scary hope all the little streams dont dry up……. looking at that picture of the river boat in front of everts looks like everts dock is almost sitting on the beach……. ganna be a scary low early spring with no rain this fall. hopefully we get allot of snow.

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 13116

    The river here that I trap and duck hunt on is so low that I can’t use my canoe. Usually i use my bassboat until near freeze up. All the ditches and ponds I trap are dried up too. Its an extremely hard year on wildlife.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    Its really low here in the river and the streams are down to a very low flow. Some of the nearby creeks are spring fed and theres a minimal amount of water in them and only because of the springs. The Cedar river here is so low that right above a friends house that lives on the river, a friend of his got stuck on a sandbar in a kayak in the deepest part of the river. I know up river, above the pool of the dam, its close to 5′ below normal flow. Wheres theres normally 3′ or 4′ of water theres 6′ tall weeds. The only water navigatable is the pool above the dam and that only runs from the dam up a couple miles. You’d get stuck on sandbars with a canoe. One thing it does do is congests all the fish in a smaller area. All the crappies that are normally in the back waters are now right along side the catfish and walleyes. It ought to be pretty good drifting a bobber with a minnow through some of the cuts and holes. All you’d have to do is find them and I think your do really well, work becomes an inconvienent pain sometimes.

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