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penalties/fines for no trailer lights

  • watisituya
    North Metro
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    Any info? In mm

    The Shores of Lake Harriet
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    Worst case – somebody hits you and dies because they cant see it.

    Best case – a cop pulls you over and gives you a fix it ticket.

    Fix the lights.


    Iowa, Clinton
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    Don Miller
    Onamia, MN
    Posts: 378

    Trailer lights are a frequent source of agrivation for me, it takes an effort to keep them working. And based on my observations out on the highways I am not alone.

    Central Iowa
    Posts: 239

    Do the right thing and have your equipment in good working order (yes, it is the law). I have found LED lights to be far less troublesome and more dependable.

    Stillwater, MN
    Posts: 1496


    Do the right thing and have your equipment in good working order (yes, it is the law). I have found LED lights to be far less troublesome and more dependable.


    Another tip is after you put new lights on every time you use the trailer use Diolectric lube on it. I have been doing this for about 8 years and I have few problems with my trailers since. I also put it on my truck connection before I put the cap on it after use.

    Posts: 928

    Get LED lights (Under $40 at Harbor Frieght) and rewire it. When you rewire it, run a ground to each light off the ground that comes from your truck. Solder the wires together, put liquid electric tape on them and then a shrink tube over that. Nice and water tight and will never fail you. Takes a couple of hours of work but well worth it.

    Elmwood, WI
    Posts: 2254

    I agree with sandmannd. it’s our standard protocol on trailers around here. but, we are stupid and shortsighted at times and try to repair the existing setup prior to doing a complete overhaul. never works.

    we have gone to LED setup with ground wires. bought 4 sets at NorthernHydraulics and have not looked back.

    In my opinion, the second ground to the pulling vehicle is as important as the line to each light.

    Twin Cities, USA
    Posts: 2094

    Just a tail or brake light out on your vehicle & you be cited for a moving violation, $130 in most of metro.

    Don’t fix it and somebody hits your trailer/boat & motor, you’re not going fishing for a while.

    Just fix it.

    Aitkin Mn
    Posts: 185

    That is one of my pet peeves, a light or all lights out. Guys that have none and go anyway should have their trailer towing priveleges revoked!

    Rochester, MN
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    Add in the people with bikes on a back rack that blocks view of the tailights.

    Blaine, MN
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    Like most replies, fix it and do it right. LED’s seem to take less work to make them work correctly.

    I carry a box in the back of my truck. It contains the following items:

    Trailer jack, jumper caples, tow strap, 4 way lug wrench, grease, grease gun, a greased bearing kit and tools to make most repairs. The one thing that I I carry and have used the most is this: Tow light kit. I have even borrowed it out and had it returned.
    I got it on sale at Harbor Freight for under $10.


    Posts: 259

    Fix the lights. Coming home from Mille Lacs 2 weeks ago in the rain just about ran over a guy pulling a 2 place snowmobile trailer piled full of junk. No lights on the trailer and piled high and wide so that you couldnt even see the truck he was pulling it with. If you re-wire (solder and heatshrink) and go with LEDs you should only need to do it once.

    North Metro
    Posts: 238

    Thanks for the info

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