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    Whats your opinion on seedless watermelons when it comes to flavor? I’ve been eating the seedless type for the last 4 years because where I go thats about all they sell. When I can find a seeded watermelon I buy it because I think thier sweeter.

    I know in things like tomatoes and hybridizing flowers they have bred out the sugars and smells for shipping and shelf life and beauty. Have they bred the taste out of the seedless watermelons just to get rid of the seeds. I don’t think theres as much sugar in the seedless type melons, but thats just my opinion.

    Whats everyone think about the seedless types verses the old standard seeded watmelons, think the sugars are the same and do they taste as good to you? or is it just my tastebuds, just wondering.

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    Couple growers are pretty good here but those dink melons are ugly bad…

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    Couple growers are pretty good here but those dink melons are ugly bad…

    That’s why we all love BIG melons!!!

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    Funny I see this post today… Yesterday, I ate watermelon for the first time in probably 5 years. Yeah, unAmerican, I know. Anyhow… it was seedless… and the first couple bites… I was blown away by how tasteless and bland it was. I remember loving watermelon as a kid. A glass of my well water tasted better than the melon. Was very disappointed.

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    We got a seedless this last weekend and there was no taste. Plenty of juice though.

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