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two stroke oil

  • yahbuddy
    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 170

    Curious what other people are using for oil in their two stroke outboards. I mostly use quick silver.

    Davenport, Iowa, USA
    Posts: 293

    I use quick silver as well, but I’m thinking of going to try Amsoil.. I have oil injection on my motor, so I’m not sure which one to use. I would like to hear what people use and like also…

    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 170

    I should have included that information also , I mix my oil.

    My river
    Posts: 1678

    I have a 225 erude di. I run the xd100 which is full synthetic. Xd50 is a blend and will run fine on it also but ide rather b buying a 40 dollar gallon of oil vs a 6k powerhead.

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
    Posts: 3268

    Amsoil HP in my 2000 Opti never. Amsoil will work great in any two stroke motor. I run it in all my two strokes chainsaw, weed trimmer etc. It is fully synthetic so carbon build up is non existent. When I use to run dyno two stroke oil I blew up tree outboards from the rings getting carboned up and sticking. Since I switched to Amsoil back in 1988 I have not any issues with carbon build up.

    Posts: 660

    Running the first tank of Amsoil through now, so far I’m not liking it. Mixed it 50:1 via mercury and she went from running like a dream with QuickSilver to wanting me to call it something other then sweetie.

    Run Amsoil in my ice auger and love it for that but am thinking of dumping the outboard gas. Maybe I did something wrong.

    Posts: 1271

    Amsoil HP injector for me.I do not miss the smell of the Quicksilver oil.Amsoil is the same price or cheaper than Yamalube.Plugs last a lot longer with the Amsoil.

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 4977

    I switched from Yamalube to Amsoil to Pennzoil semi-synthetic , I think the Yamalube caused too much soot and carbon buildup, Seen A LOT of Yamaha Motor that were toasted that owners swore they only ever used Yamalube, they did certainly have some oil pump issues on some motors, so I can’t say for sure, it certainly didn’t give me a vote of confidence I feel I should have with OEM oil.

    Amsoil was better, but not by too much, and Honestly I seen a lot of flack from reputable engine builders that did not and would NOT recommend Amsoil, and frankly it unnerves me, one builder swore he knew the difference when he pulled a motor apart instantly if they ran Amsoil, not sure if he was talking about the HP injector or some of the more “exotic” racing blends or all Amsoil 2 stroke oil. Either way I got a little unnerved and decided to make a switch to Pennzoil bases on a lot of very positive feedback from him and many others, lots of off shore guys that burn massive amounts of oil and run their motors hard. Full synthetic they claimed wasn’t much of a benefit, but I’ve found the biggest downside being availability of the Full synthetic, I’ve only found one place that carries it, like one jug at a time, Walmart has semi-synthetic and it cheap, though I didn’t use price as a factor it’s a nice benefit.

    Now before you all go get all butt hurt about me not liking or trusting Amsoil, it’s my opinion, I based on what I felt was good solid advice, and yeah, I’ve run many, many gallons of it, never had a single problem or issue and you can defend it all you want, it’s also still not tw3 rated, and I’ve chosen not to use their oil anymore at this point.

    Now my prop is shiny and clean inside the exhaust hub, something I never saw with any other oil, so it appears it runs much cleaner than other oils.

    IMHO Merc quicksilver full (semi? do they make a semi?) and Pennzoil full/semi are probably the 2 best oils on the market.

    **** based on what I’ve deemed credible in countless hours or reading and advice sought. No real input on Evinrude oil, but the xd100 seemed to get favorable reviews from those in the know, it is harder to get and it is expensive IIRC, so it wasn’t really considered by me, since I already had two easy to get good choices. ***

    Posts: 255

    Mercury Optimax oil in my Optimax.

    Woodbury, Mn
    Posts: 16981

    Amsoil HP Injector.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 59372


    Andover, Mn
    Posts: 299

    X2 on the merc synthenic, u can buy it in bulk at select dealers with your own jug save some $$$$.

    W Central Sconnie
    Posts: 4102

    90 horse Merc elpto. amsoil for me the last 3 years. awesome

    Posts: 130

    I run amsoil in almost all my engines. My car use to run amsoil, but the blend i use isn’t readily availabe at any stores so I switch to Lubro Moly for my car.

    Amsoil all the way!

    Beaver E
    Posts: 137


    Mercury Optimax oil in my Optimax.

    Same here

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