Muskies in P4 or there abouts

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    question I know there are incidental catches but would it be work the dnr to stock skies in the lower pools of the Mississippi? Just a thought for question and I feel that there is a high forage base with high protein potential..could execute to be a world class fishery……opinions anyone….we do know the muskies eat all the walleyes

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    There was a thread on musky hunters site last year around this time started by Joe Bucher talking about this topic. If I rembmber he was leading a group that was trying to work with the MN and WI DNR to make it happen. It would give southern MN Muskie guys a closer option and take some presure off the metro on the weekends. I’d be for it as it could produce giants in as little as 10yrs.

    Brian Klawitter
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    Hope you guys have better luck than I’m having introducing flatheads to Mille Lacs and Winnie.

    Waconia MN
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    Hope you guys have better luck than I’m having introducing flatheads to Mille Lacs and Winnie.

    Briank trophy catfish sturgeon and Muskie trips on pool4? That just sounds weird

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    I hope nobody discovers them. I prefer to fish alone. Pigs there for sure.

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    just from what i have heard is that when the dnr stocked lake zumbro a few years back that most of those muskies ended up going over the dam and into the river below witch flows to the miss so i would have to think there is a few somwhere.

    Randy Wieland
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    I’ve caught a few in other pools. Not enough that I would specifically pattern them. Most came as incidentals to bass fishing. Though regardless of which pool, they ran about the same size 36″-38″(ish) It had me wondering if at one time there was a stocking effort on multiple pools?

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    I’m for it. Consider it a preemptive strike against the marauding asian carp.

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    Pool 3 has more than a lot of people think it does, especially right down by Prescott…

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    We caught them in pool 5 this time of year. In that 5 to 8 lb range. Draggin jigs for eyes.

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