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  • walleyebuster5
    Central MN
    Posts: 3916

    I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck fishing walleyes on Clearwater lately? I’m taking a couple of novice fisherman from the city out this weekend and would like to meet them half way. Simply looking for the guys to get some action and maybe boat a few. Thanks.

    Montrose Mn
    Posts: 2101

    Shoot Glenn a PM. I’m sure he’ll have an update for you.

    Annandale Mn.
    Posts: 1260

    With the recent weather fluxuations we have been having, the eyes have slowed down a bit. You can however get yourself and group into a whole lotta fun with the Bass right now. Let me know exactly what you search for via PM I will be glad to put you on something worth travelling for..

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