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ice out

  • gonecribbin
    reads landing MN
    Posts: 517

    could someone in the area please keep us up to date on the iceout on bigstone, thanks

    North St Paul
    Posts: 390

    i agree… opener was last sat anyone drill any holes ?

    Quintin Biermann
    Webster, South Dakota
    Posts: 436

    I know some people were ice fishing on big stone, I am still ice fishing in day county and will be for another day or so. Ice is going super fast as is the case with 60 degree day temps and heavy winds

    Posts: 1

    Has there been a ice report on big stone or traverse yet? Thinking of heading that way this weekend with the boat or do I have to bring a portable house?

    Zach H
    Posts: 374

    I called the bait shop. There is some open water but they don’t think not enough for fishing this weekend. Kind of a downer.

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