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Lake Menomin

  • YoZuri
    Posts: 39

    was out on Menomin Sat. June 22nd. Found some fish thanks to leinieman. Garlic scented tubes fished topwater over weeds and jigged put both largemouth and pike in the boat. biggest largemouth was a shade over 16″ and largest pike was close to 25″. lots of 13 and 14″ bass and some hammer handles. caught one nice smallie trolling a bar on a #5 perch jointed Shad Rap. (love those lures for trolling!)

    no walleyes to report, but we weren’t really targeting them. water clarity was good but some of the water in the bays and sloughs is getting pretty green. not much boat traffic, which surprised me because of the temp. Must have been around 90 degrees or better mid afternoon.

    Nice lake. will try it again when it cools down a little


    Glad you caught some fish. I was hoping all the rain wouldn’t screw things up for you.Fall is nice on Menomin. Cool weather water clears up, walleye’s feed better.One reason I like the lake is it’s right in town yet very few places on the water. You see deer,and other animals and heck you can use your cell phone and order a pizza and they’ll meet you at the dock.Glad I could help you out.Looking forward to getting out sometime with you. Steve

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