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Mallelieu in Hudson

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    Planning on getting on the Mal tonight and drag for some bullheads………I usually run into other fish while I’m at it so I’ll let you guys know if anything happens. I’m mostly curious to know how many of those flood transfered fish might still be inhabiting the lake…..walleyes and muskies and sheepers (have to maintain my image you know! LOL!). Anyone been on her recently?

    Woodville, WI
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    your’e not serious about going bullhead fishing are you??? Anyway – Mal gives up a few decent smallies and bucketmouths to me every year. HINT>>>>> after a few stiffling hot days and calm weater head out there and go up the streams flowing in as far as you can go – AND if you’re a little adventerous, walk some more up the streams and cast wherever it looks good. ——-Pax


    Yes, I was serious about the bullheads………….good eatin’ and even better cattin’! Anywho, about the headwaters area…………..ever run into any pike in there? I lost a fight to something that HAD to have teeth once and I’ve been told they’re in there (but low in numbers) and sometimes wonder…………as I’ve fished it for 4 years now and caught tons of bass, but no pike.

    Actually, it was too far to judge for pike or muskie but I saw a fish of that shape go airborn once out of a shallow bay on the far ESE part of the lake.

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