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Menomin, Dells Pond,or betrween Chippewa dams

  • Anonymous

    Anyone out on these lately. Found out Thursday it will be about 3 weeks before I get out in myTrophy 170 Low comression and a flat spot in throttle so I guess it needs a little work. Rebuild. Oh well she should be good as new when I get it back and from the sounds of it better than when I bought it used. Let me know if your slaying any on these lakes I figure crappies should be hitting good on tainter and I only began fishing Dells pond this past winter but we got into some nice crappies so looking forward to fishing it this spring and summer some. I guess I’ll maybe try it in a 14 foot Sea King with my 7.5 kicker motor. That’s Sea King not Sinking. I see the Chippewa is finally getting back to normal so the fishing on the river or (Dells Pond) should be getting better. Steve


    I was out on the chip river above Jim Falls (Old Abe lake), thurs. 5/16 for about 4 hrs smallmouth fishing, got 2 smallies 1 snake pike, and about a 27-28 inch musky, water level didn’t seem that high and was clear, but the current was flowing pretty fast. I’ve mostly been lake fishing and not doing much river fishing though.

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