10/22 full moon report

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    Well the guys and I went out on Friday night to see if we couldnt find a couple fish for the pan and for pictures. Started the evening on the NW side of the lake and that is where we ended it. It is great to find fish right away and not have to go chasing looking around for them in the dark. We hit the water around 8:30 and got off at 4:30 am on saturday morning. It was tough to leave biting fish and the gorgeous weather, especially knowing that sat night was gonna be wet.
    Trolled anywhere from 4.5′ of water to 7′ but our best luck was on the shallower side of things. Baits were a little scattered but the SSR 5 in Perch was by far the best, but also got some on HJ, SSR 7 in chartruse and blue, pretty much your typical fall baits.
    Ended the night with 56 fish caught so it was a blast. Tons of 21″ to 24″ which are very healthy spawners and show good things to come. Didnt break the 28″ mark but came close with several fish, so we did get our picture fish. My roomate Dan had the hot hand with 4 over 26.75″ himself. All in all a great night on the water with good friends.
    Sat night got out a little earlier and tried battling the wind and waves. Popped a couple box fish right off the bat but couldnt get much going. Decided to call it a night around 9ish to go warm up and have a drink, total of 6 fish came in the boat so it wasnt to hot. Did get one smallie on friday that was about 17. Fish we kept were gorging on little perch to the point they couldnt eat anymore.

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    Very informative report

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    heres a few more pics. Sounds like friday most everyone got into some fish so that is excellent. Good luck to all who are still out on the water, We will see how November works for me but this might have been the last open water trip of the season for me. Got Ripley this weekend and deer hunting the next couple following. Good luck to all, and make sure to get some rest. Million different thing so to do this time of year, and sleep gets put to the side. Danny was going back to St. Cloud to film a deer hunt and didnt make it. He did the smart thing and pulled over and slept for awhile. No need to get in any accidents.

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    Great report! Nice to see guys doing well out there, and it looks like you did better than well. Thanks for the info on the baits, informative stuff.


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    Great report & nice fish

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    Nice report, did your buddies get their boat straight on the trailer?

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