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Another quick report

  • David Anderson
    Dayton, MN
    Posts: 379

    Decided to try for Mille Lacs yesterday rather than chase crappies. It was a great decision. After stopping at Lundeens for bait we ATV’d out to a gravel hump on the SW side. Fish were immediately on the flasher. Many 8 – 10 inch fish. At 3:30 they went bonkers. The 3 of us ended up with 9 keepers in the 14 – 15″ range, threw back a nice one about 23″, and missed a number of those thunk and gone hits. Probably caught about 40 fish between us. At 5:00 it died, getting one more about 5:15. The Rattlin Flyer was the ticket this time. Zero perch and we saw a few tullibees on the camera’s.

    It is rough out there! The wind must have really churned the lake before it froze solid. One had to zig-zag through the what looks like small heaves with chunks scattered everywhere. It could be dangerous for sledding if we get some snow, covering these chunks.

    One other thing, I have been fishing with braid now for a number of years. I like the sensitivity however after missing a number of those “Thunk” fish, I am wondering if I am missing fish because I am pulling it right out. I don’t like deep water trolling with braid as I feel the lack of stretch rips the lure right out of their mouths as well.

    Probably will try some fluorocarbon next week.

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