Memorial Weekend Smallie Fun

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    The last three months have been tough, with emotions running high. Anticipation, expectation, nervousness are all felt on the eve of the MN Bass Opener. This event is quickly becoming one of my most -looked towards outdoor events of the year. Right up there with bow opener, late fall trolling, and late season ice fishing. Once again this year didn’t disappoint I am very glad to say.
    Saturday morning met us with uncertain forecasts. Danny and I hit the water with the hopes of tying into a few fish, but with the crazy spring we have had, it was uncertain whether we would be dealing with pre-spawn, spawning, fish and where would they be relating to the structure. Our first spot produced four smallies and one 18″ largemouth. Good but not exactly what we were looking for. Second spot was game on. Found the fish on beds and they were aggressive. Plastics and a splitshot was the go to bait, senkos, beavers, tubes, although a dropshot and gulp leech also put fish in the boat. The wind made boat control a little bit difficult at times, but we made to. Fished this spot for about four hours, pulling in numerous doubles and our average size of fish was running over 18.5″, with numerous fish touching over the 20″ mark. Still no pigs. Had some problems with the trolling motor shorting out so we ran back to the landing, fixed that, had some food and took a quick nap. Went back out looking for some new fish. Tried several different spots and caught fish, but not at the rate of our second spot. Ran back there and fished for another couple hours, touching over 60 fish on the day and got ready for the evening walleye bite. Rigged for some walleyes until dark and ended up with a couple overs and keeping three for Danny’s parents and where off the water by 9, as we were running short on gas.
    Sunday morning had us running to check out some new spots that people were catching smallies on while walleye fishing throughout the week. Starting with some search lures. Spinnerbait and jerkbait. Pulled a couple smaller fish, but with no real pattern emerging. scratched that and decided to pull some blades a little deeper than where we were fishing. Pulled a box fish within 3 minutes and had five boats on us four minutes later. Dinked around there for another 20 minutes, losing one more fish and said screw it and ran back to our spot that produced the day before. Pulled another 22 smallies otta there with one double that went 20.75″ and 21.25″. Absolute Tanks. Headed back to the cabin to take a nap and check trail cameras. Looks like seven different bucks on camera thus far…lol
    That evening trolled for awhile and put four in the box and threw back a couple more, but the story doesnt end there.
    Got back to Danny’s Cabin and I was wide awake at 11 pm so im like ill go check a couple shore spots and see what i can find. (For those of you who are concerned this was on completly different lakes than mille lacs, so no night ban). Anyways first spot tossed the splashbrite out and on my fourth cast, wouldnt you know it a bite. Waited a second and reared back on the rod. “Fish on baby….oh no fish now gone”…Puzzled i reel in to find that my hook and snapped in to. Proceeded to fish for the next two hours and miss/lose the first 9 fish that bit. By this time im quite frustrated and pissed off. Reason I feel i was missing the fish was there was current going into the lake and the fish were coming up stream, well i was drifting long 125′ drifts to them, getting a bite and even tho i was using a 7’10” bobber rod i wasnt sticking the hooks to them because 1 they were facing me and i was effectively pulling the hook away from them and two the stretch in the line. So 1 am roles around and im pissed, this time bobber goes down but finally closer to me. Set the hook, fish on. Got it to shore and it turned out to be a 28.75″ PB eye. Of course no cameraman, so I got a couple self-timer photos, that werent great but gave me proof. Was pretty excited as this is the third 28″ eye that ive gotten this week from shore. Look for the proper ingrediants of high water, shiner run and prime time and it can be lights out. Ended up staying till 3 am and got one more 18″ and a bass, along with losing four more. Had to work on monday, so my weekend was cut a little short.
    Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend, and just remember to take a moment and appreciate all of the freedoms that we are allowed to partake in.

    Charles Schmidtbauer

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    WOW, some real nice fish and dandy smallies.

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    Great report and awesome fish!

    I’m headed up to Orr for smallies this weekend, but you got me thinking I don’t need to drive quite so far! Seriously, one of these years before I die I must get over to Mille Lacs and give those smallies a try! Those are some HOGS.

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    Nice smallies guys!

    Derek Hanson
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    Nice fish! Glad to see you had some luck!

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    Wow those are some beauties. Lot bigger than the ones I managed. Congrats guys

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    Gorgeous smallies guys!

    And congrats of the PB eye too!!

    Jack Naylor
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    Just Awesome fish and report.

    Brad Juaire
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    Great report Charles! I need to get out there one of these days and catch some of those footballs!

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    Them are some tanks

    SE Iowa
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    Beauties! What else can I say?

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