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  • Dbraget
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    Looking to go to Chamberlain in April, it has been a few years. Any reports???

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    river not open much yet.

    April is a very good time 2 go

    I have gone in feb, march and april

    the earlier the better for nicer size fish

    watch this, these guys fish it alot

    Allens fishing reports

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    Thanks. Where do you generally sta y

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    comfort inn on west side of river just west of al’s oasis on the south side of road. al’s is (good place to eat)

    then we used ramp up by ceder shores

    if we stay on the east side we put in at american cheek just going north of town on the right side of road

    need anymore info just ask

    like staying at hillside too, 4 fishing info, but the boat parking was never the best

    have stayed at the motel just east of al’s too

    hope to get up there too, B a great time

    New Prague
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    I have a friend Thats tring to teach me how to fish walleye and he’s doing well. I wish I had his skill!!

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