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Forward thinking on Canada

  • bigpike
    Posts: 6255

    I’ve been thinking about a possible future border opening and what it might look like. Based on the latest news there is a vaccine that is 90% effective another 70% effective.
    Normally vaccines take 10 years of testing to get approval. This vaccine is fast tracked in a year for obvious reasons.
    My question is would you take the vaccine at risk if that was what it took to fish in Canada next summer.
    I have no knowledge of the situation but my guess is this will be the situation.

    Proof of vaccine to get in
    The question: is it worth the risk or do you hang back for another year and watch it play out from a distance.

    Talked with my friend in Ontario last week and he was awfully lonely and missed his American guests. Canada is much more extreme on the lockdown than the states

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2511

    I think I would take the vaccine if it was available to me to get into Canada next summer. But I doubt it will be given to us common folk by then. First year in several that we could not go and I am still bummed out over it. bawling

    Plymouth, MN
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    The one that came out yesterday by Astazeneca will probably be one of the more common vaccines that people receive because its dirt cheap, it doesn’t require massive cold storage, and its only one dose.

    The ones from Pfizer and Moderna require two doses, super cold storage, and cost about $25 per dosage.

    I’ll be taking whichever one they offer me first.

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13199

    Nope, i’ll take a wait and see approach. This is worth billions and I don’t trust the fast tracking. Hopefully i’m wrong but am willing to wait.

    That said, if I could get a remote crossing permit just to fish the Canadian side of Rainy without going to a lodge I would.

    Posts: 5892

    Is this one of those controversial topics hidden with a Canada crossing topic. lol

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6992

    I’ve said I will take the Vaccine for 1 of 3 reasons.

    1. It being required to get into Canada
    2. It is required by law here in the US
    3. Once its been in use by people here for 6 months with no know serious side effects.

    So to answer your question – Yes if its required to cross the border into Canada.

    Up Nort’
    Posts: 301

    I will also follow the wait and see approach.

    I’m worried about potential side effects of a fast tracked vaccine. I need to see how masses of people react to it. Will it damage you in other ways than COVID will? I also don’t really see it being readily available for another year or more in fly-over country.

    Bob Spitz
    Osage Iowa
    Posts: 75

    My son was involved in the trial for the Pfizer vaccine and said only side effect was slight fatigue after second dose that was only a day or 2. Said it was barely noticeable. Myself I don’t think we will see the border open until maybe next summer even with the vaccine it will take months to get enough people vaccinated to make a difference to the Canadian government.

    The Back 40
    Posts: 1955

    Lol…getting a vaccine just to fish vs saving your life or the lives of other??? Wow!!! I probably just started getting this topic getting dusted but come on.

    I’m out and staying out of this any more than just that. Carry on.

    Ralph Wiggum
    Maple Grove, MN
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    Palmetto, Florida
    Posts: 25025

    I try to avoid places where they ask “Vair are your papers”.

    Posts: 4629

    I try to avoid places where they ask “Vair are your papers”.

    Good thing its Kanuduh then, where they ask “ehh uh may I please see your papers please ehh?”

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18805

    Guys, I’m closing this one. It’s starting to head in an all too familiar direction.

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