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still catching a few

  • brianjkuphal
    Posts: 153

    got out today despite the cold temps crappies were active mid afternoon,threw a lot back under the 10 inch mark only 2 keepers today,waleye action is none, dont know what to say about the flowage anymore,dnr missmanagement is the only thing that comes to mind on a body of water like this to be so crappy for wallys there should be a lot more fish here but there seems to be very little population here anymore,bag limits get less and less every year?????????????

    Ramsey,MN pool 2, St.croix river
    Posts: 691

    Maybe all them Muskies in there are eatin em all up?

    Park Falls, WI
    Posts: 264

    WOW! What a great weekend on Wiscosin’s Scenic Wilderness Waters Area. It is really too bad that the good folks at IDO Fishiing can’t give this beautiful body of water its’ own thread! Maybe if it was in Minnesota ……never mind!

    For those that could not make it to this great area, the Justin Donner Memorial Ice Fishing Fisheree was a fantastic success with nearly 1,000 anglers and supporters on the ice.

    A number of walleyes in excess of 20″ and crappies in excess of 13″ were caught, along with many northerns, bass and jumbo perch.

    Snowmobile trails are in good to excellent condition with the 4″ of wet snow that fell yesterday morning.

    Please mark your calendars for Saturday, February 25th for the Claus Kraetke Memorial Ice Fishing Jamboree. There will be cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd largest walleyes, northerns, bass, crappies and perch. There will also be raffles, auctions, food and beverages in the heated tent in front of Donners Bay Resort throughout the day.

    Please come and enjoy Wisconsin’s Scenic Wilderness Waters Area.

    Spooner, Wi
    Posts: 198

    I was up for the JD tourney last weekend. The group I fished with did well with walleyes in the morning. Then just got a few northerns the rest of the day. The walleye evening bite was non existent. Over all a decent day.

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