Fishing shirt?

  • monkeymaster
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    I have several fishing shirts from World Wide Sportsman and Columbia that have the mesh back with velcro on the cover flap.
    They also have a loop up behind the neck.
    Is there supposed to be a way to keep the vent “open” or pulled up using the loop up behind the neck ?
    What is the loop for? Securing a hat or glasses ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Steve Root
    South St. Paul, MN
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    I’ve always used that loop to hold a small net. You can buy different types of net releases, one side of it would hook on to that loop and the other half on the net.


    Denny O
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    I will say I do like the shirts and have several of them. If I spill something on them it cleans extremely easily! What I hated was the extra tuck under collar so much so that I pain my tailor to cut them off and make them into a standard collar. Now I love the shirts!

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