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  • Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    Have a buddy who lives there, but doesn’t fish, so I thought I would ask here to see how the fishing is on this lake in general. Would love to go visit him and fish a bit. I’d be mostly interested in stripers, wipers, walleyes, maybe some crappie or smallie action. Does trolling work there? When’s best to go? General fishing info would be greatly appreciated.

    Dusty Gesinger
    Minnetrista, Minnesota
    Posts: 2415

    I would assume red rock lake in Iowa.

    Denny O
    Central IOWA
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    Doing well on crappies, whites and hybrids are done, not heard anything much for the walleyes after the full moon.

    Steve Zamzow
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Posts: 81

    I was out on Thanksgiving morning and we managed 15 keeper crappies between 13″ and 16 1/2″. We went back out on Friday and only managed 3 crappies. The wind was terrible and made it tough to control the boat.

    1. Red-Rock-Crappies.jpg

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Very nice. Looks like a good sized lake. Looks like a fun lake that would be nice to fish for a week or so.

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