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Fishing gloves

  • Jeff Schomaker
    Posts: 326

    First off let me start off by saying I absolutely despise wearing gloves of any kind no matter the weather. That being said obviously there are times and conditions when they are completely avoidable. One area I interested in are true fishing gloves for battling cold/wind. I use a baitcaster 85% of the time so I must be able to still have good feel to not backlash every other cast. I have looked into some of the Fish Monkey gloves along with a few other brands. But none of them stand out. Also I have not been able to make it to a store to try on or feel any gloves yet. I wanted to get some opinions on ones to look into.

    Posts: 6437

    I just wear wool fingerless gloves. I double them up. And use hand warmers as necessary.
    $20/yr not including the disposable warmers.

    Fingered gloves almost never get used while fishing.

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 12700

    I wear wool fingerless fish monkey gloves. And on really nasty days I have a chooper mitten with for when I’m driving the boat. But 90 percent of the time I just wear a wool fingerless glove. I found the fish monkey gloves last year end of the season for 8.99 and bought 4 pair. It’s also what I wear most days on ice.

    Minneapolis, MN
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    I’m a cold weather kayaker and I’ve been out as late as November so I need something waterproof AND something with enough dexterity to fish. I’ve had great success with two different models of Sealskinz paddling glove (one lighter-weight but 100% waterproof and a skin tight fight, and the other is the Waterproof Cold Weather Glove. Highly recommend both.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
    Posts: 1272

    i keep two pair of the Pro Angler model Glacier Gloves in my boat.
    i can manage a large baitcaster with them, they keep my hands moderately warm, and the thumb/finger access slits allow me to change lures or whatnot without taking the gloves off.

    Mahtomedi, MN
    Posts: 8828

    The only time my hands get cold is after they get wet. I wear the Arrid gloves from Blackfish. They are 100% waterproof and are really thin but way more durable than the Striker ones. Been really happy with them. Wear them in cold weather on ice or open water. The downfall is the price, although it’s not too bad.

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