Fished Mille Lacs Aug. 4th

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    Hadn’t fished it since June due to the tough bite. Well, the tough bite continues, at least for me. Plenty of fish but few takers. Found a good load of fish on some deep gravel. Marked a lot of fish. Lindy rig and crawler in 29 feet. Landed the first bite on the first pass, a very plump 20 1/2″ that gave a good fight and swallowed the hook, so I thought here we go. The second bite on the next pass dropped it. That was it for bites. Also tried power corkin”, a blade bait and lead core and stick bait. Had some fish flies in some areas.

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    Thanks for the report. Sounds very similar to what I have been hearing

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    Water temp was 71 in the morning and 76 by 2:00 pm before the wind got going.

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    Man, it’s gotta be frustrating marking that many and not being able to get them to go.

    It’s also good to know they are eating so well and staying healthy.

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