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First annual Mille lacs tournament

  • Josh Thomas
    Posts: 6

    A little info on what we will be doing for the tournament:
    -3 species are eligible (perch,walleye,pike)
    -total inches for each will be totaled with a minimum for each that is tbt
    -top 2-3 will be winners (depending on how many teams)
    -2 person teams
    – 10am-7pm
    -all pictures must be clear and have item I will give out prior to take off
    -lengths will be rounded to the nearest 1/4″
    -pre registration is required
    -Nitti’s Hunters Point will be the launch and weigh in location
    E-mail [email protected] with questions or to pre register
    Also look up Twincitytackle on Facebook for up to date info on this event

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