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Firmware Update Issues

  • RH
    Posts: 6

    I’m trying to update the software for a Helix 7 Chirp GPS G3N and a Helix 9 Chirp Mega SI+ GPS G4N and can’t get eitehr unit to recognize the micro SD card when inserted other than getting a response saying “SD Card Encryption successful” (or something similar). I’m using a new 16G card on only loading one of the updates to the card at a time. I’m expecting it to automatically recognize the updates on the SD Card but it’s not. Has anyone else had this issue?

    Rush City MN
    Posts: 792

    Make sure you have the proper update. There are multiple updates for all the Helix models and if it does not match the model on the back of the graph it will not load.

    Grasston, MN
    Posts: 356

    I also believe that you can’t skip an update. Find what version your unit is and step it up from there, one update at a time until you are current.

    Gregg Gunter
    Posts: 420

    I actually got mine updated at Joe’s last week. Yes you have to do updates in the order that they were published. Mine needed 2 and I skipped the map update because I use Lakemaster. And there’s an Ice Helix version. You have to look at the head unit by the serial number and get exactly the right version.
    It took them a long time but I was greatly impressed with their service!

    Posts: 530

    Is there any gain to updating perfectly operable units with the latest firmware unless you’re running live ?

    Gregg Gunter
    Posts: 420

    I was having a problem where the ducer would not find the lure. I reset defaults multiple times to get it working. I tried Helix yesterday after updating and it was trouble free.

    Posts: 724

    Just had this issue. Called a buddy of mine that rep’s for Humminbird. Others have had this issue.
    What he told me to do is reformat the card on your computer. Remove it and put it in your head unit. The Head unit will display that message, “SD Card Encryption successful”. Remove the card form the head unit and put it back in your computer and load up the update. Make sure it’s the correct update. There was a separate on just for the GN4 Helix 9 Ice version.
    Place it back in the head unit and wait for the message asking if you wish to update the software version. I didn’t have to but you may need to wait a while for the update message to come up on the screen. He said it may take up to 10 minutes.
    Before you put in the update card return the unit to factory defaults. Also you no longer put the card in before start-up. You put the card in the head unit after the current software version loads.
    This worked for me. GN4 Helix 9 Ice and Mega live both updated.

    timothy A Winterhalter
    Posts: 14

    A couple of issues here. For Helix updates you must have the update 2.280 on any G2, G3, G4 graph if the graph is < 2.280 when purchased, this is mandatory prior to updating the current update 2.800. When you update to 2.280 it deletes the basemap which you must update if you plan to use the new Lakemaster VX chips. The 2.280 update is on the website for each graph along with the basemap update for each graph. There is a basemap for the Helix 5-8 and a different basemap update for Helic 9-12. Make sure to encrypt your SD card prior to the update then download any of the updates to the card and it will know which update to apply to each graph. Be patient too. The update files are now much larger than in the past and it takes the graph a long time to recognize the new update 5- 8 minutes is common.

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