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Fall River Crappies

  • tim hurley
    Posts: 4280

    Any tips on fishing river crappies this time of year? Plan on pitching jigs at wood (laydowns) probably look shallow throw a jig w/ a fathead under a fixed float.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    I could use some too, Ha! I tried for 4 hours last time and the smallies were crushing the fatheads. they were some dandies too so I can’t complain but catching river crappies seem to be my kryptonite.

    At the intersection of Pools 6 & 7
    Posts: 565

    I caught some crappies on Pool 7 in a laydown Friday. They ran small, but hit an orange/yellow flu flu jig with gusto. I pulled three 11″ perch out of the same messy laydown on the same jig.

    Twin Cities
    Posts: 1360

    I have been trying for river crappies lately and doing “ok.” I’m no pro either. Here is the advice I have been going on…

    1. Look for wood in 6-12′.
    2. When they won’t hit the casted jig, try dead-sticking or hanging meat below a float. Sometimes they won’t take it unless its hangin’.
    3. Don’t be afraid to fish current if you can still find it.
    4. If you don’t see the bait – move along.
    5. Rip-rap will substitute for wood in some systems.

    tim hurley
    Posts: 4280

    Great tips-guy who told me about the area pretty much said what you did in #4.
    He said a laydown can look great and have nothing or look ok, and be packed with fish, so keep moving. Thanks, Ill post how I do, going in about 10 days.

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