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Fall Fishing @ Truman Reservoir, MO?

  • Denny O
    Central IOWA
    Posts: 5362

    Well it looks like none of you get to MO. Cause this seems to be the first post in this thread.
    So anyway let us see what we get for replies.

    My question is,,, Does anyone have information to help fishing for crappies, whites, wipers and walleyes for the first of October?
    I’ve never been there in the fall only in the spring but that was at least 18 years ago.

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    Only been there once. Hired Jack Vander Pool for a day. Had a blast fishing stripers with him and 3 of my classmates. Im not sure there is anyone that could be considered a walleye expert there. I know they get them, but everytime i I have ever looked up info, its always been a below the dam on the Osage, and not on Truman. I know theyre in there, but its mostly accidental catches..
    With Jack, he had us live bait rigging, but I wouldve given my left nut to have one of my pitching rods along an some plastic..

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