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Fall fishing the river

  • Ross Gunderson
    Posts: 96

    Hey everyone. Looking for some points of when to come up and try to troll some raps for eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated on water temps or time line. TIA

    Morel King
    Posts: 504

    Can’t say specificly water temp but last year was a late year for me i was out on the river trolling in mid to late november and hammered em , any time between now and November i am banking on for myself the eyes can start migrate I got back to dams as early as October

    Ross Gunderson
    Posts: 96

    Hey Moral King,

    is there really a strategy to the areas most people try? As in close to lake superior or running up to the lakes area on the river? I have never tried the area so just trying to get a general idea. thanks

    Posts: 17

    No rhyme or reason on where to try. We have caught fish in the back bays of Pokegama and Kimballs. Off areas near Clough, Structure fishing old piers of riverside, and Arrowhead flats. Channel edges everywhere.. Crappie fishing gets better and better too. Walleye trolling, I would concentrate on the flats near the channel edges, but on the flats. #5’s are usually best, color is the kicker. Once its figured out, switch all rods to same. So point being have more that 1 of the same cranks with at all times on the estuary. The harbor will be good and the South Shore of the Lake should never get abandoned! Especially if your looking for a trophy walleye for a nice replica mount ) Tight Lines, Capt. JH

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