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Cass Lake

  • goclones
    waterloo, ia
    Posts: 11

    Hey Everyone,
    Just checking to see how the walleye bite has been on Cass Lake and Lake Andrusia. I will be taking the family up there again in 9 days, and can’t wait. Fish, or no fish, I am sure we will enjoy our time.

    Waconia MN
    Posts: 1646

    I’m gunna guess that that the bridge from from Cass to andrusia if you pitch a plastic you’ll get a pile. If there not there look to wolf and the cabbage beds. Trust me I spent 15 springs there

    waterloo, ia
    Posts: 11

    We’ll be staying at Finn-n-Feather resort right across the lake from the bridge, so I will have to give it a try. Thanks!!

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