hand lining??

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    i saw a few guys doing what i think they call hand lining last weekend. It looked like they had a cannon ball to feel for the bottom and one or more baits above that. is this the correct name for this and what is really happening?

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    They were using thier hands and a big spring loaded reel on the boat? That’s handlining. I’ve never heard of someone using a cannon ball rather than a “stick” style weight though.

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    I think Kooty is the resident Handlining GURU.

    Just Kidding, I agree with Chappy. More of a Monster Pencil weight in lieu of a Cannon Ball.

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    I’ve seen the cannon ball handline weights. The first set I ever used had the ball weight

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    Most people use long skinny weights now because there is less resistance to flow. What you saw was indeed handlining. It can be a very effective way to fish walleye at certain times of the year.

    Brian Klawitter
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    Baldwin isn’t too far from Everts. Dean has a set up in the baitshop.

    I’ve heard about handlining before on IDA, but last weekend I was talking to one of the FLW Pros and he explained to me how it works an why it’s more efficent. In a nutshell, it keeps your lures in the strike zone better. HL also allows a person to cover “spots” better as a person can cover the water from left to right…where a three way rig or lead lineing is pulling the bait forward.

    If I was a wallabe guy, I would look into the set up.

    There were at least 10 boats handlining in front of Everts for the FLW Tour.

    PS I’ve never been in a boat handlining so I’m only repeating what I was told by a pro.

    Hey Scott, do they handline on lakes too? I’m guessing it’s not as effective without current(?)

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