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Experience with TIP Line

  • Pat K
    Empire, MN
    Posts: 523

    The thread by mahtofire14 got me thinking about my experience with TIP. I’ve called it a few times over the years but have only seen a C.O. show up once.
    We were staying at a small resort where the sunnies and crappies were on a hot bite. A couple from out of state were in the cleaning shack every time I was there. I’d be cleaning enough for a meal and they’d be cleaning a limit. The 3rd day I said something about the daily limit also being the possession limit. They told me their daughter and SIL had been there the night before and had taken all of their fish with them. I had a beer with the resort owner that night and he said he had also spoken to about the number of fish they were keeping. The next day they went out of their way to avoid us when they came in and didn’t go to the cleaning shack until they were sure I wouldn’t be there. I called The TIP line that night and the C.O. came about noon the next day while the couple was out fishing. The resort owner let him in the cabin. He had been in there 15 minutes before the couple came back from fishing. The 3 of them spent quite a bit of time in the cabin with all the other guests watching closely. The C.O. left with a kitchen garbage bag a little later. The couple left early the next morning, all the owner would tell anyone was they had been ticketed and fish had been confiscated. Talking to people from other cabins it sounded like 3 calls had been made to TIP about them and I suspect the resort owner may have called too.

    Mahtomedi, MN
    Posts: 8828

    Interesting that you bring up multiple calls about the incident. The original guy that told me the individual in my situation was keeping bass had also called in after I did. I’m not saying that they don’t take single call ins seriously, but I’m sure multiple calls on an incident gets the process moving a bit quicker. Might be a good strategy if you have an incident to get a couple people to call in with you.

    Posts: 12654

    Glad these pricks were busted. Still sucks.

    Craig Sery
    Bloomington, MN
    Posts: 1112

    I got checked on Mille Lacs last weekend, they pulled up next to me. Asked if I had any fish in livewell, I told them I just threw a 20.5 back. He said I could’ve massaged a half inch out of it…I told him true until he checked me…he just laughed

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