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    Hello, new to the forum. Does anyone have any idea when ETEC injectors will be available? My Evinrude guy made the order Nov 2022. Evinrude won’t give him any time frame. Just telling him they are on back order. I’ve searched everywhere. Was hoping someone had heard a rumor when production will begin again. Boat has been down a year this June waiting on EMM and Injectors…

    2006 / E250DPXSUA, Parts 5006221 / 5006222


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    That’s pooptastic and exactly what all of us ETEC owners are worried about since they shut down the company.

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    Well that sucks. If just one is bad for now maybe check a couple outboard bone yards, and get a used injector that the dealer can program to get up back running until a new one is available?

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    If it is anything than a 150 they probably won’t be making anymore. Used route is going to be your best bet, but getting a used injector can be risky. What is wrong with the current one? Maybe send your current set out for cleaning and flow testing.

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    Iowaboy is the guy you need but he left the forum. Maybe somebody will hook you up with contact info.

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    Iowaboy is the guy you need but he left the forum. Maybe somebody will hook you up with contact info.

    I don’t believe his injector cleaner does Etec.

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    Had a buddy wait 1 year for a brand new lower unit. Good luck lol.

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    Thank you to all. Injector is dumping fuel in the cylinders (Bottom port and starboard). I have spark but too much fuel the plugs are soaked after cranking. I plan to do a ohm test when I get home. I’ve read if I have 2-3 ohms they can be repaired / cleaned?? I did a injector swap, middle cylinders port and starboard, to bottom and it dumped fuel in the middle cylinders but ran as should on the bottom port and starboard. Has to be injector issue or bad all together.

    On another note. Does anyone know what software I would need to program the injectors? And will this software work on any laptop. I have a really old laptop..

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