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Erie chip

  • buck-slayer
    Posts: 1499

    I’m going out to Erie in May and don’t want to buy a chip for my h2o was wondering if someone would rent me theirs.

    Northwest Iowa
    Posts: 6167

    Buck Slayer,

    This may not change things for you but I thought I’d share this news in case you were not aware. Navionics changed their coverage areas for 2007 and they are now even larger areas than in years past.
    Navionics Gold XL9 Coverage Areas

    If you fish other Great Lakes waters, LOTW, Rainy, or rivers that are covered, the chip may be worth picking up. If not, it would be beneficial to rent one.

    Have fun on Erie!

    Posts: 1499

    Thanks I found that out only problem is I just bought the premium chip and don,t want to pay another $150 for another chip.

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