Mercury 4 Stroke ECM Failures

  • Jeremy
    Richland County, WI
    Posts: 671

    A guy at work at his fail on his 2003 last year(40HP) and now my 2004 40HP isn’t running right, it feels like one cylinder just cuts out at times and the engine seems to flood out when you let off on the throttle. Mine should be covered under the extended Mercury warrantee. Just wondering if there are more out there.

    If it wasn’t for the warrantee, I would have cracked the ECM open and be looking for a problem. I have the feeling it could be cold solder joints that have cracked and making an intermittent electrical problem- like the wiper circuit boards in the pre-99 GM trucks

    John Schultz
    Portage, WI
    Posts: 3309

    Mine went out on my Merc 6 months after I got it. would turn over but wouldn’t start. Unfortunately for me, it was after making a 2 hour drive to fish. Had to load up and haul it home and take it in.

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