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Prop size?

  • yahbuddy
    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 170

    I have a 16 foot smokercraft pro mag with a 60 horse evinrude . Currently I have a 13 3/4 x 15 and a 13 1/4 x 17 aluminum props. One of them has been fixed many times over It’s life. I am thinking of getting a new one , anybody have an idea on size that would be better for overall performance?

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 13116

    Having a tach will help the most. You need to know the rpms at wide open throttle. Once you have a pitch that allows you to run peek rpms, you tweek from there.

    Iowa, Clinton
    Posts: 489

    Alumacraft Classic 165, 50hp Evinrude etec, runs @30 mph with a 15′. SS

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
    Posts: 12695

    What kind of preformance are you looking to get out of it? Better top end? better hole shot?

    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 170

    With the 13×17 full throttle I am at about 5400 RPMs and the 13×15 5800 at full throttle. Performance wise looking for the middle of the road as far as hole shot and top end.

    eldora, iowa
    Posts: 382

    Switch to a stainless. Less blade flex. Run as close to your top WOT RPM’s as possible.

    Paul Heise
    River Falls, Wi
    Posts: 723

    Another option to check out is an aluminum 4 blade. And much less $$ than a stainless. I run a Quicksilver Nemesis on my 115 opti. I think it is the same pitch, or dropped only 1 pitch, as the 3 blade I had and gained 4 mph top end and a much better hole shot. Also much better hold out when making a sharper corner on plane! The blades are a little shorter and more stout causing them to flex less. Less blade surface area per blade is required do to the extra blade. Todays 4 blades are much more advanced than 4 blades of the past.

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