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Had to give it a try.

  • Quintin Biermann
    Webster, South Dakota
    Posts: 436

    Not much to say here except for cranks, weed lines, wind, and walleyes. Put these together and good things are happening. Brighter colors continue to produce in 5-8 fow with size #5 shad raps continuing to produce well. We put this nice limit together in about an hour and a half with a few shorts going back in the lake. No whoppers but a nice limit to put a few in the pan and a few in the hands of some appreciative neighbors. Don’t forget about the elderly friend you have that cannot get out anymore. If they can take them with if they can’t drop them a meal of fish they will appreciate it perhaps even cook you some goodies . Great bite going right now throughout the NE corner of the state. -Quintin

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